Worship Leaders Could Be The Tip Of The Spear


Things are starting to become crystal clear for me, and I think something beautiful is on the horizon.

Through the month of October I’ve been getting with worship leaders to discuss themes of worship and mission - in fact, how biblical worship is defined by God as a people who bring his heart and personality into focus in a foggy world.

Worship leaders have God’s heart on lock. It’s the prophetic nature of their make-up, I think.

They pursue the heart of God, and therefore, seem to be aware of what’s missing, or incomplete. That being true, they are as bound by what “is”, or “has been” as everyone else. Most worship leader’s I’ve been with feel called to their respective cities but they feel tethered the temple they serve in.

Called to the streets whilst bound to the stage.

Here’s the thing, though…I believe the Holy Spirit is unbinding us. God has placed on many worship leaders an apostolic burden, and once they know what to call it, and what to do with it, it will become a powerful weapon against all manner of darkness in our cities.

There’s much more to say, but I’m simply wondering if even the mention of a marriage of worship and mission excites you if you are a worship leader? Does it? If so, I wanna hear from you.

How bout you? The needle in your heart moving? Lemme know.