Hugh Halter is a guy that I deeply respect, and I'm genuinely honored to call him a friend.

I'm really excited about his new book called BIVO (pronounced Bi-vo). It's for leaders who are currently, or may soon be, bi-vocational. It's also for church leaders, or business leaders who are searching for a way to increase their impact.

Hugh's been a house painter, a church leader, and an author, for years now. Seriously, the last time you saw him speak at a conference, did you know he's gonna go home and work another job? He's got a LOT of experience and wisdom in being a bi-vocational leader.

There's not a book like this out there that I am aware of, and I'm certain Hugh is among the most qualified to write it.

Hugh told me a bit about the book:

The content is mostly about rethinking kingdom funding and missionary life.

In the book I reveal my personal story of bi-vocational living as well as reminding the reader that the Gospel got to us primarily through men and women who work a job while they lived for Christ and His Kingdom.

It will be a great help to many of the leaders we've been challenging and encouraging toward missional ethos

We have set up a BiVO Network through Missio to help encourage and support their journey.

It is a must read for church planters and pastors but also for business leaders who want to leverage their life for God's mission.

Get the book here! You won’t be sorry.