Austin Stone Worship: King of Love

The week of the Austin Stone Worship Conference the Austin Stone band released their newest venture, King of Love.

I think it’s worth a mention. It’s certainly worth your attention.

They have really done something special and different on this project, and that’s a hard thing to do on the saturated landscape of the modern worship scene.

This is an album of modern hymns which means that the there’s a wealth of theological content in these songs. If I had to describe what the ladies and gentlemen that make up this worship band are trying to do, it would be just that - they are striving to write theology. We need that, and these songs are certainly, deeply, theological expositions of the gospel.

That shouldn’t leave you with the expectation that these would be dry or expressionless songs. Far from it. This band throws down, and they write skillfully.

What’s makes this music even better are the lives lived behind these theological confessions. I know these people. I know that they are making decisions to live deeply into their city, helping to live and tell a better story in Austin.

I recommend this album, especially if you want to add something to your queue that will fill your soul with singable melodies and rich adoration to Jesus.

Bravo, King of Love!