A Day of Glory: Songs for Christmas from the Austin Stone

I just received A Day Of Glory, an album of new songs for Christmas from Austin Stone Worship.

This really is a beautiful and inspiring work.

There are so many things that I love about the Austin Stone, and many of those things come through audibly on this recording. There is a passion and an earnestness in this community, and there is a longing for their city to re-imagine the good news of Jesus. I hear that longing in these songs.

This is a Christmas record that is very much an experience of worship.

On a professional note: this CD would be a very important addition to any modern worship leaders repertoire. Finding contemporary Christmas arrangements that still carry a traditional sensitivity are hard to come by. This grouping of songs carries that tension appropriately.

Well done, Aaaron Ivey and the Austin Stone Worship team.

If you would like to purchase this music, or if you would like charts, or instructional videos for the songs click on the link below.