My Hope is You: honoring Newtown

I don't have the words to tell you how this feels. God, there's just a void inside. A hollow ache that only hope can fill, only hope can heal. My hope is You. My hope is in You.

God an anger burns, deep inside it burns me, at just how evil life can be. All creation groans, from deep inside it groans, for You to come and set it free. My hope is You. My hope is in You. 

You're coming, Lord! You're coming again!

One day we will see how peaceful peace can be, when we look in your eyes...

My hope is You. My hope is in You.

copyright, Jon Shirley: words and music. 

My kids were taking naps upstairs, and this was just my prayer, as I watched this thing unfold on TV. Was literally watching while recording. Hope a prayer like this can bring an encouragement at such a dark time. Come, Lord Jesus!