If I could say one thing...

If I could say one thing to a gathering of next-gen worship leaders in America right now it would be this…

"Stop thinking of yourself as a musician/song-writer/career-worship leader and start thinking of yourself as a disciple-maker and missionary in your context, and do that immediately".

I would say, "If your ambition is to lead at big conferences, be on the radio, to write "the song", or to be known - ask God for his mercy to deliver you from that ambition. You can waste your life there". I know a lot about that.

The conferences are wonderful, snd there is obviously nothing wrong about radio. Also, songwriting is a totaly worthwhile thing to do. It's just that those things should probably be prioritized in the call to make disciples.

Why not sow the one life you have deeply into the people and the place where you live?

Trust that God knows your phone number and that he'll call you for the conference if he needs you. If He does (and He might) then show up there with the integrity of a life given to some disciples and to His work in your city.

If I could say one more thing (because I always do), I would say, "Jesus went deep with twelve while he provoked thousands. Give your life to disciple a few on mission and maybe you'll have a story worth telling to thousands. If you do, you will have given your life to something that lasts far beyond your life and talent".

Then I'd throw down the mic and walk off the stage like rockstars do…;)