You might read that last post again...

Every now and then, I'll throw something up on my blog that sounds a bit provocative.

Sometimes I'm fine with it being that way.

In other cases, as time goes by, I realize I would really like to say things better. In that case, I'll edit the original post to reflect where I'd really like to live on the matter. I try not to edit it into a new thought. It should make the same point so that a critic's comment has the same context. (In fact, I will not edit a bit that has been criticized in the comment section - to keep things fair)

I realize that a blog post isn't forever, and that the original post costs the writer something. Still, I think it's worth it to document a settling in of heart.

I've done that to my last post, "If I could say one thing...".

It's a fine post, and I am still convinced of it, and like most blog posts that are a bit "zingy" it got more likes and comments, etc. I've learned that in the blog world, you kind of have to have a little bite to get read. I get that to some degree. Still, that's not always me.

So, I'll circle back and edit myself now and then. Why not? I do that in every other relationship I'm in...why not with you, the reader?