A Stake in the Ground.


Praying one day on Sabbatical I saw a vision of worship leaders moving in next door to some hard stuff in their cities. I know, a vision, right?! Well, it is what it is;) Anyhow, they had stakes in their hands that represented the promise of the Good News of the Kingdom of God. They drove these stakes into the ground as a declaration of war on principalities and systems that keep people in bondage in those hard places. After driving the stake in the ground they moved in, got down with some worship and prayer, and began to be present in that place.

At the same time I saw all this I was reminded of something that happened with some friends in Little Rock a few years ago. On Tuesday nights we would gather in my loft apartment to worship and pray - to ask God that the good news of his love would manifest itself in that part of our city.

Some nights my next door neighbor (who was a big drug dealer in LR) and his girlfriend would get in these EPIC fights. Honestly, I remember it being SO intense. Not knowing what else to do, the entire church (all 35-40 of us) would move to the wall that connected my apartment to theirs and we would all lean on it with our arms stretched out begging heaven to come for them.

He soon got arrested, and she moved out. So did I. I moved to Kansas City. I went back to visit about two years after I moved and went to visit a friend at a coffee shop.

As fate would have it, my old next door neighbor walked in and sat close to us. My coffee buddy got up to greet him, and in about 10 mins came back to the table white as a ghost. I asked him what was up. He told me that "Steve", my previous neighbor, just told him about the love he'd begun to feel from Jesus for that entire 10 mins.

Somewhere along the way, the Heaven did come for him.

I wonder what would happen if we, army of worship leaders, would lead people to put a stake in the ground wherever they see a hard place.

It wouldn't be sexy. People might come to life and never know you had a part to play. Still, can you imagine what would happen if the musicians, who are described as warriors in the Bible, would get aggressive and make war in hard places? It would be awesome.

Things would change forever.